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Environmental Ecstasy in Sanskrit Literature
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Environmental Ecstasy in Sanskrit Literature
Author Sushma Kulsherstha Lakshmi Sukla Abha Kulshrestha
ISBN 978-93-7854-203-4
Edition 2011
Language english,sanskrit,hindi

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Environmental Ecstasy in Sanskrit Literature comprising 4 panegyrics and, 64 articles and research papers, symbolising 4 Purusharthas and 64 arts on various aspects of Environment, Sanskrit, Indology and Musicology is a tender presentation by two devoted disciples Prof. Sushma Kulshreshtha and Prof. Lakshmi Shukla offered to their venerable Guru Prof. Prabhu Dayalu Agnihotri, a great Doyen of Sanskrit and Indology on the auspicious occassion of his 99th Birthday, his Devadhideva Mahotsava. This voluminous work consists of four cascades divided into sixteen sections symbolising Purushottama?Kalamala: Cascade I : Introduction (Comprising one section) Cascade II: Environment & Vedic Literature (Divided into five sections) Cascade III: Environment & Technical Sciences (Divided into four sections) Cascade IV: Environment & Sanskrit Literature (Divided into six sections) This volume is adorned with 4 panegyrics and 64 research papers on different aspects of Environment, Sanskrit, Indology and Musicology by eminent scholars including 10 President?s Awardees and seven Vice?Chancellors of India. The four cascades deal with various Vedic, Puranic, linguistic, sociological, religious, cultural, literary, zoological, botanical, musicological, arthashastric, kamashastric, environmental and technical scientific problems mainly centring upon environmental studies based on ancient Indian texts. Kalidasa occupies a special place as befits his grand status in the Clasical Indian Literature as well as Prof. Sushma Kulshreshtha?s and Prof Agnihotri?s abiding interest in him. Hence. three sections are devoted to Kalidasa. This volume is multi?dimensional in approach and will prove useful to Environmentalists, Sanskritists and Indologists for its penetrating insights into various branches of Environment, Sanskrit and Indology.


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