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Buddhism A Practical Psychology
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Buddhism A Practical Psychology
Author (Founder of Visisthavaitam) Dr. Ch. Venkata Siva Sai
ISBN 978-81-7854-270-6
Edition 2015
Language English

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In Buddhism, the root cause of human suffering, and other problems, is identified as the mind. It thus proposes to tap into this invaluable resource by transforming any unwholesomeness into wholesomeness. Buddhism instructs sentient beings on how to recognize the mind, calm the mind and handle the mind. The Buddha taught, in his life time, for forty-nine years. Whether his teachings were about the Four Noble Truths, the Twelve Links of Dependent Origination, the Six Paramitas, or the Four Encompassing Principles, they invariably involved mind. The mind dictates a personís behavior. If a personís mind is pure, all his/her thoughts, speech and actions, will necessarily be pure. If a personís mind is impure, what he/she hears and sees becomes impure. Therefore, it is said in one sutra, ìWhen the mind is impure, the being is impure; when the mind is pure, the being is pure.î All the pain and suffering in this world are created by the mind. Our minds have wandered among the Six Realms in numberless lives. It seems that we are never in control. The mind always attaches to colorful external surroundings, seeking tirelessly for fame, fortune, power and love, cons-tantly calculating and discriminating. The truth is, our mind was originally capable of embracing everything just like that of the Buddhaís. It was like the sun and moon, capable of breaking through darkness. It was like fertile soil, capable of enriching the roots of virtue and growing trees of merit. It was like a bright mirror, capable of reflecting everything clearly and truthfully. It was like an ocean, full of immeasurable resources and treasures.

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