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The Position of Women in Ancient Indian Buddhism
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The Position of Women in Ancient Indian Buddhism
A Historical Analysis 
Author Kavita Chauhan
ISBN 978-81-7854-348-2
Edition 2018
Language English

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The present book deals with the status of women in Indian society from ancient days till the decline and revival of the Bhikkhuni Sa√gha in and after the Buddhist period. It throws light on the importance of the position of women in various fields like family life, social life and work situation. It explores this issue from the Theravåda Buddhist perspective using the scriptures as well as recent work by Western scholars conceding that there are deep seated patriarchal and even misogynistic elements reflected in the ambivalence towards women in the Pali Canon and bias in the socio-cultural and institutionalized practices that persist to date in the Theravåda Buddhist countries. However, Buddhaís acceptance of a female monastic order and above all his unequivocal affirmation of their equality in intellectual and spiritual abilities in achieving the highest goals clearly establish a positive stance. In this book, author has explored the issues concerning women's religious lives and experiences of Pre-Buddhist and Buddhist period. What were their powers, what kinds of power were available to them and how were these controlled and diminished? The argument is developed further to show how women manipulate and direct male authority in their own interests while supporting and subordinating themselves to the overall system of male authority.


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