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Sigalovada Sutta
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Sigalovada Sutta
A Compendium of Socio-Economic Philosophy of the Buddha 
Author Pham Nhat Huong Thao
ISBN 978-81-7854-323-9
Edition 2018
Language English

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Hardbound Rs. 550.00
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As mentioned in the title of the present work, this book which is mainly based on the Sigalovada Sutta of the Pali literature with a brief historical formation and development deals with the importance of socio-economic philosophy of the Buddha. The problems of society related to the formation and relations of society have been pointed out and highlighted the important significance of six social relationships respectively. The research is displayed in such a scope happening at the time of the Buddha and in the land of Buddhism, India. Accordingly, society is changing in many aspects. However, the more the present world is civilized and progressed the more evils have been existed due to the decline of morality in the worldly life. Humble hopefully, this study will be a good solution for social evils and balance the economic organization after applying what the Buddha taught in this salient Sutta. 


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