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The Carpenter from Nazareth
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The Carpenter from Nazareth
Seen in an Advaltic Perspectives 
Author Dr. (Uma) Marina Vesci
ISBN 978-81-7854-281-2
Edition 2015
Language English

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This book, inspired by the advaitic experience of Benedictine monk, who got it a few months before he shed his body, presents the founder of the Christian religion as a normal common man, as the artisan known from the Gospels, who had the capacity of emptying himself (his-self) totally so as to be able to experience and live to the full his Real Divine Nature (like some Jivan-mukta especially in Hinduism, where it is said that it is a situation belonging to everyone ready to accept it and to pay the 'fee' for it). He was enchanted and tried his best to pass such a discovery to the masses of people, changing by this the expectation of a political liberation of their country from the occupation of the Romans (who at that time had colonized almost all the countries around the Mediterranean Sea) into an inner spiritual Kingdom realizable by each and every one ready to renounce to their little 'egos'. But the Transcendental God of Israel could not accept to loose his Inapproachability and through his clergy and politicians got him caught and condemned to Death in less than three years. His Message, however, remained–though not in the complete Advaitic manner and spread all over the Roman Empire and is valid still today in Europe, America and here and there also in Asia and Australia.

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