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Erotics in Kalidasa -V - Nayakanayika Nakhasikhanirupana
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Erotics in Kalidasa -V - Nayakanayika Nakhasikhanirupana
Author Prof. Sushma Kulshreshtha, Prof. Ila Ghosh, Dr. Sumanlata Shrivastav
ISBN 978-81-7854-282-9
Edition 2015
Language Sanskrit, Hindi, English

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Under the series Erotics in Kalidasa will be presented the first ever study of the seven world famous works of Dipashikha Kalidasa with reference to erotics in ten Volumes. The present is the fifth volume entitled 'Nayaka-nayika Nakha-Sikhanirupana'  which comprises the novel and the first ever detailed study of 'Angas' of both males and females accomplished with reference  to the greatest Sanskrit poet Kavi-kulaguru Dipashikha Kalidasa. This study is divided into three stabakas. The first stabaka subdivided into three pushpas, deals with the subject matter and theme of the study. The second stabaka divided into ten pushpas deals with the sastric and technical analysis of all body parts (angas) of human body. The third stabaka divided into ten pushpas presents an exhaushive and critical study of angas from the seven renowned works of Kavikula-siromani Dipashikha Kalidasa which is full of beautiful descriptions. Index and Sandarbhagranth-anukramanika is also annexed with the volume. At the end is appended a detailed bibliography. This volume is presented to the scholars with humility.

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