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Sanskrit : The Language and Learning
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Sanskrit : The Language and Learning
Author Trilochan Misra
ISBN 978-81-7854-284-3
Edition 2015
Language English

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Hardbound Rs. 1450.00
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This book is an extensive study of the Sanskrit language and a comprehensive treatment of the branches of learning embodied therein. The chapter introductory deals with the features of language in general and an account of the world languages. Chapters 1-7 are treatment of : 1) the Aryan language and the Aryan question; 2) Sanskrit as Divine Speech; 3) origin and evolution of Sanskrit into Vedic and Classical forms; 4) a comparative view of Sanskrit and literary Prakrits; 5) Apabhransa-s, Apabhrashta and Sanskrit as mother of Indian bhasa-s; 6) Sanskrit as promoter of Linguistics and 7) Sanskrit as the language of Indian culture.
Chapters 8-18 present a complete account of the learning contents in Sanskrit language as vidya-s and Shastra-s. These are: 8) the Vedas, Brahmana-s and Aranyaka-s; 9) the Upanishad-s; 10) Vedanga-s; 11) Upaveda-s; 12) Dharmashastra; 13) Itihasa and Purana-s; 14) the Bhagavadgita; 15) the Six Schools of Philosophy (Shad-darshana-s); 16) the Agama-s (Tantra); 17) the sixty-four art-forms and 18) Alankara Shastra or Sanskrit Poetics.

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