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The Shaktivada of Gadhadhar
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The Shaktivada of Gadhadhar
Theory of Expressive Power of Words 
Author V.P. Bhatta
ISBN 978-81-7854-319-2
Edition 2018
Language English

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The theory of expressive power of words (Shaktivada) is the most important work on the signification of word. It deals with word, its signification and its meanings. While word (shabda) is a distinct means of knowledge (Pramana), signification (Vritti) such as expressive power is a relation between word and its meaning (Pada Padartha Sambandha); also word-meaning (Padartha) is generic property, form and individual (yatyakriti vyaktaya¨). Gadadhara admits signification twofold as expressive power (Shakti), and indication (lakshana). While the Pracyas admitted expressive power to be convention of God, the Navyas admitted the same to be convention of speaker in general. The theory of expressive power of word (Shaktivada) is divided into three chapters, viz. the Samanya kanda, the Vishesha Kanda and the Parishishtha Kanda. The Samanya Kanda deals with expressive power in word-meaning i.e. in generic property, form and individual (Jaty akæti vyaktayah) in general; the Vishesha Kanda deals with expressive power in meanings of specific words such as ëetherí (akasha) Also, the Parishishtha Kanda deals with the Navyasí position that expressive power of word in individual as qualified by generic property and form.  The present volume contains English translation of the Shaktivada of Gadadhara with critical notes and erudite introduction. Thus, it is a collectorsí item.


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