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Shri Brahm-Vaivarta Puranam
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Shri Brahm-Vaivarta Puranam
(Text with English Translation notes and Index)  
Author (Ed.) Dr. Rajendra Nath Sen (Ed.) Puspendra Kumar
ISBN 978-81 7854 263-8
Edition 2014
Language English, Sanskrit

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Hardbound Rs. 6500.00
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The Puranas are eighteen in umbers. Sage Veda Vyasa composed them. There are reference to Epics and Puranas in the Vedic texts and also in Sµutras texts of Apasthamba, Gautama and others. Many of the previous Puranas are extinct now and only those are available which are composed by Veda-Vyasa. Brahma Vaivarta Puranas is one of the eighteen Puranas. It is divided into four parts. The firest part deals with the creation of the uninverse and all beings, the second parts gives the description and history of various goddesses. The third part deals with the life and deeds of Gane‹a and the fourth part describes the life and deeds of Lord Krishna.


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