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Shri Kalki Puranam
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Shri Kalki Puranam
(Original Sanskrit text, English Translation and relevant notes, Index of Sloka) 
Author Pushpa Gupta
ISBN 978-81 7854 261-4
Edition 2014
Language English, Sanskrit

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Hardbound Rs. 900.00
Rs. 720.00
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The tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of Kalki has been delineated in Kalkipurana. Kali was born after the departure of Lord Vishnu for his heavenly abode Vaikuntha whence the whole populace became immoral, corrupt and incorrigible. All the gods with Earth in forefront and Lord Brahma went to the abode of Vishnu and briefed Him about the evils of Kali. On hearing this Lord Vishnu incarnated in the form of Kalki to annihilate Kali, establish Ktayuga and promote Dharma. The whole story of the incarnation of Lord Kalki has been given profoundly in 1366 verses. Although the incidents are yet to happen in future they have been delineated as having happened in the past. Kalkipurana has neither been translated in Hindi nor English. Therefore,  a connoisseur has been deprived of having its nectar like taste. Hence for a seeker of knowledge an English translation with original Sanskrit text alongwith relevant notes and explanations is produced here. An attampt has also been made to explain complicated, deep and oblique verses.

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