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Some Facets of Buddhism in Modern World
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Some Facets of Buddhism in Modern World
Author Dr. Ch. Venkata Siva Sai
ISBN 978-81-7854-242-3
Edition 2013
Language English

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What is Buddhism? What do we understand by Buddhism? It can mean many things to many people. To someone it can be only life of the Buddha. To another, Buddhism would mean the massive doctrine as recorded in the Buddhist literature, which indeed is voluminous and contains the words of the Buddha. Buddhism is not like studying a subject like mathematics where you have to learn all your theorems and different methods of working out the various types of problems. If you know the fundamentals, the basis, a scholarly detailed study is not an important precursor to practice. So out of this vast Buddhist culture, religion, or literature, or the vast body of experiences that come to us as Buddhism, each one of us would find that which is relevant to our life, to our type of problems. This book has dealt with the problems of the world through the eyes of Buddhism and Economics, Buddhism and politics, Buddhism and Business, Buddhism and Law, Buddhism and Psychology, Budd-hism and Education, Buddhism and World Peace, Buddhism and Women, Buddhism and Spirituality, Buddhism and Human Rights, Buddhism and Conflict Resolution in Modern World etc.


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