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Shri Vishu Sahasranama Satyabhashyam
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Shri Vishu Sahasranama Satyabhashyam
(in 2 Vols.) 
Author Sri Pandit Satyadev Vasistha, S. Ranganath
ISBN 978-81-7854-245-4
Edition 2013
Language English

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Mahabharata popularly known as the fifth veda has five jewels in it namely - Bhagavadgita, Vishnu-sahasranama, Bhishmastavaraja, Anusmriti and Gajendramoksha. Chanting of sahasranama is the easiest and the best way to obtain salvation in Kaliyuga. Shiva-sahasranama, Lalitasahasranama and Vishnusahasranama are the most popular which have been recited by every individual as a daily practice to get mental peace, physical courage and to get the objects of our desire. Shri Shankarabhagavatpadacharya has written a commentary of Vishnusahasranama in lucid style more than thousand years ago, Following the same footsteps, Shri Satyadev Vasist, an euride scholar in four vedas, different branches of learning including Ayurveda has composed a scholarly and voluminous commentary on Vishnusahasranama, wherein every divine name of Vishnu has been authenticated starting with the declination of the word culminating in its expansion as occuring in all the four Vedas. The work is first of its kind and was published earlier with Hindi translation. The revered author requested me in 1997 during the tenth world Sanskrit conference held in Bangalore to translate the work into English. The same has been prepared by me and is now seeing the light of the day. 


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