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Studies in Nayaka-Nayika-Bheda
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Studies in Nayaka-Nayika-Bheda
Author Dr. Rakesh Gupta
ISBN 978-81-7854-244-7
Edition 2013
Language English

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This is a scholarly work on the Nayaka-Nayika Hero-Heroine Bheda literature of Hindi, of which more then 90 Percent is states to have been produced during the three century commencing with the 17th century. The older tradition which had influenced this literature date back to more than two thousand years starting with Bharata's Natyasastra.
The work is divided into three sections. In section I, containing four chapters. Dr. Rakeshgupta has undertaken a histrorical survey of the classification of the hero and the heroine in the Sanskrit and Hindi literatures.
Setion II devotes four chapters to the Puranic, religious, philoso-phical and literary traditions and the social background of the Hindi literature on the Nayaka-Nayika Bheda.
The book concludes with Section III, which presents a critical and psychological examination of the different classifications. There are five appendices, two biblio-graphies and an index.
Dr. Rakeshgupta has written a very specialized work for other specialists and scholars interested in a rather restricted field.

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