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Dictionary of Indian Epics
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Dictionary of Indian Epics
Author T. Rengrajan
ISBN 81-7854-103-3
Edition 2006
Language English

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Hardbound Rs. 1750.00
Rs. 1400.00
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Readers will find a rich treasure in this work, Dictionary on Indian Epics, in the form of dialogue, and meaningful explanation. The Dictionary covers all Epical characters in new approach. This may be first Dictionary to bring down certain new Dictionarial meaning for known and unknown characters. The holy Ramayana, a masterpiece in Sanskrit classics of the great sage Valmiki, the Adikavi, is the first and foremost specimen of exquisite poetry. The Mahabharata is not just the story of a family going up in flames because of a feud but is also a storehouse of philosophy, ethics and law. It has been a source of both entertainment and instruction. While the main storyline speaks of the tragedy of was and the totality of destruction caused by it, woven in are stories, fables, legends and other narrative pieces that speak of love, compassion, forgiveness, humility by Veda Vyasa. Readers? will enjoys while reading this Dictionary with new interpretation, than any other contemporary Dictionaries. The Dictionary covers Abhira, Aikshavakus, Angaraparana, Aruni, Austeiris, Dwaraka, Eclipse, Ekalaya, Flags, Gandhari, Gems, Harishcandra, Har-ki-doon, Horoscope, Idajila, Indra Prastha, Kalmashapada, Karma, Kanya, Kicaka, Krapa, Krashna Yajurveda, Loud Music, Mani-Ravana, Marica, Missiles, Pampa sarovara, Prathu, Puru, Pushpakacar, Nimi, Nandini, Raksha bandhana, Rakshasa, Rameshvara, Rana, Ranachordasa, Sacrifice, Sambha, Samudra Manthanam, Shardwan, Sharmishtha, Son of Krashna, Vaidyanatheshvara, Vimanas, Wax Palace. This is first Dictionary to discuss on the said characters.


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