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Buddhist Ecology
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Buddhist Ecology
(in the Pitaka and Nikayas)  
Author Gioi Huong
ISBN 978-81-7854-229-4
Edition 2012
Language English

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The thesis consists of five chapters which are described step by step from history to the philosophy of Ecology respectively. The purpose of the first chapter is not to reconstruct the real history of ecology during the past centuies. Rather, our interest lies in understanding how being reciprocal ecology and Buddhism historical narratives each lay claim to universe as the same boat. In chapter two we will return to how European scholars have interpreted and evaluated the meaning of ecology in Buddhism. Therefore, the second chapter offers a light to brief the Buddhist concept of ecology as western-understanding. In chapter Three we will identify Buddha's teachings towards ecology in the Early Buddhist texts based on the Pali Tipika. What proves so controversial about this concept in these texts, however, will be assessment of the experts of ecology and their used side for the universal. In Chapter Four we will find out the theory of ecology in the Mahayana Sutras which almost scholars confirm the developing Buddhism. Here in the field of ecology, this thesis locates the most significant similar between Pali Sutta and Mahayana Sutras not in the minutiae of their doctrinal theory or in the details of chronicle of the sacred tenets but in their similar goal in the solution of ending the ecological crisis. Chapter Five is conclusion of the thesis.


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