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Yoga Karnika of Natha Aghorananda
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Yoga Karnika of Natha Aghorananda
An Ancient Treatise on Yoga, Sanskrit Text, English Introduction and Index 
Author Ed. Dr. N. N. Sharma
ISBN 81-7854-057-6
Edition 2004
Language Sanskrit,Intoduction in English

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The book teaches Yoga, the stages of Yoga and the methods of its accomplishment. It discusses philosophy underlying Yoga and its practices in manifold ways.
Divided into fifteen chapters, the book recounts (1) Daily routine of the aspirant, including the method of repeating the mantras, (2) Centres of meditation inside the body, (3) Breath-control, (4) Preliminaries to Yoga, (5) Yaugic postures, (6) Withdrawal of the senses from external objects, (7) A specific way to breath-control, (8) Position of fingers in Yaugic discipline, (9) Method of concentration and retention of the breath, (10) Simple Meditation, (11) Abstract meditation, (12) Yoga of absorption, (13) Postures suitable for Yoga, (14) Purification of body inside and outside, (15) Injunctions and Prohibitions.
The book cites from ancient obsolete texts on Yoga such as Visvasara, Kubjika, Varna-Vilasa, Tarapradipa, Samayanga-matrika and others. It includes Bija kosa- a glossary of mystic syllables which are usually prefixed to the mantras. It also contains Preface, Introduction and Index.


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