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Word the Shabdakhanda of the Tattvacintamani
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Word the Shabdakhanda of the Tattvacintamani
with Introduction, Sanskrit Text, Translation & Explanation,  
Author V.P. Bhatta
ISBN 81-7854-082-7
Edition 2005
Language english,sanskrit

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The Navya-nyaya, which heralded a new era in the development of logic in India, has brought a revolutionary change in the outlook of the Nyaya philosophy. It has systematized all the Nyaya and the Vaisesika concepts under the four heads, viz. perception (pratyaksa), infere-nce (anumana), analogy (upamana) and word (iabda).
The Tattvacintamani (Thought jewel of reality), which is composed by Garigeshopa-dhyaya of Mithila, deals with all the important aspects of Indian philosophy, logic and epistemo-logy and sets a standard for the scholarly discussions over philo-sophical topics in Modern India. The Tattvacintamani, which recognized only the first of the sixteen categories of the Nyaya-sutra, viz. means of valid knowledge pramana), strictly adhered to the theory of four pramanas; and brought all the other categories under the means of knowledge.
The Shabdakhanda (Word), which is divided into sixteen chapters, provides a comprehensive view of word as a means of knowledge with all the relevant topics, viz. the authoritativeness of word, associate causes of word such as speaker's intention, eternality of word, injunctive and other statements, signification (expressive power) and parts of speech (i.e. verbal root, conjugational ending and prefix).


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