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Vishnu Mahapuranam
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Vishnu Mahapuranam
Text with English Translation & Index English Translation by M.N. Dutt 
Author Ed. Pushpendra Kumar
ISBN 81-7854-070-3
Edition 2018
Language english,sanskrit

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The Vishnu Purana was narrated by Parashara to his pupil Maitreya. It is divided into six parts, each of which is subdivided into many chapters. The first, part gives an account of creation, which is attributed to Purusha and Prakrati. Vishnu, who is Paramatman, described to create the universe so that the souls might perform their karma (work) and attain moksha (salvation) by means of God realization. Creation is due to his mercy (krapa) and is his sport (lila). The second part describes the earth and the neither worlds, and the courses five characterists were thought to be meant for the Upapuranas.


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