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Vidura Gita
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Vidura Gita
Mahabharata?s other Dialogues in Sanskrit Transliteratians Roman, English and Hindi verses 
Author Bhawesh Nath Pathak
ISBN 81-7854-063-0
Edition 2005
Language english,sanskrit,hindi

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Hardbound Rs. 650.00
Rs. 520.00
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Sage Vyasa the author of the Mahabharata has himself said 'Yannehasti na kutracit', 'what is not herein', is nowhere else'. Cer-tainly the Mahabharata is an encyclopaedia of India, that is Bharata, and of all that it stands for. But in it almost the entire wisdom except the Bhagavadgita lies concealed and unnoticed by many.
If we examine Vidura and Seer Sanatsujata's sayings we may come to the conclusion that these may well be called The Vidura Gita and Sanatsujata Gita respectively. Other smaller dialogues given in this book are also no less important.
These indeed constitute a complete code of civilized human conduct never conceived so fully in all human history.
For non Hindi readers in India and abroad full Sanskrit texts along with Roman Transliterations have been given for fuller studies.


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