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Vedic and Harappan Culture
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Vedic and Harappan Culture
Author Prof. Pushpendra Kumar
ISBN 978-81-7854-190-7
Edition 2012
Language English,hindi

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In the year 1921, excavations at Harappa in Punjab brought to eight the rains of a large brick-built city and soon an unknown civilization came to light in and around the Indus valey. The Indus culture or Harappas now dated to 2550-1900B.C. we don't have any information the names of the kings. The Harappan language, and religion contiune to the among the most vexing problems of South Asia. The Indus people used a writing symbol of their own. Nearly 4,000 specimens of this script survive on seals, stone and inscribed objects. Yet it is necessary to help on trying to find a solution. The book is very informative and simple andour useful for both Teachers & Students The Harappa or Indus valley civilization, one of the most advanced urban civilization of the world, has made this country proud by virtue of its enormity, as by now, the number of Harappan sites have gone up more than the thousand. Every year fresh explorations and excavations, more and more informations and knowledge are being added to this culture where as much now is remains unnoticed and unexcplord the century long researches have established the fact that the rise of this culture and its process was commend much earlier in various sites located in the hills and plains as well. The remainsin the modern Baluchistan, Afganistan, India and Pakistan is decayed due to various courses. This civilization, famous for its high degree of urbanization is unique in every facet. It has a distant personality of its own which separates them among the old and contemporary cultures. The long legacy left by the Harappans and Indus people is still very much alive with in the present day society of India. These finding of Harappans have been dealt by numerous reputed scholars and researches. Thus we get first hand knowledge about the nature and location of the same.


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