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Symbolism in the Aranyakas and their Impect on the Upanishads
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Symbolism in the Aranyakas and their Impect on the Upanishads
Author Usha Grover
ISBN 978-81-7854-234-8
Edition 2012
Language english,sanskrit

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India has a very rich tradition of cultural heritage, but most of it being in the grab of symbols in difficult to understand. The Aranyakas, a class of Vedic Literature, are conspicuous for treating a part or whole of a sacrifice as a representation of some spiritual activity or as a symbol of the Sun, Samvatsara, Purusha or Brahman etc., thereby revolutionising of Brahmanic religion of sacrifice and bringing it back to its age-old right track of metaphysical spiritualism : Purusha evedam sarvam (R.V.X. 90.2) and ethics of duty for duty sake: Yagyana Yagamayajanta Devah (R.V.I. 164, 50; X. 90.16). The present work is primarily concerned in elaborating the process of the above mentioned revolution on scientific, historical and comparative lines. The author will deem herself successful in her attempt if this work succeeds in imparting an understanding of the spirit of the Aranyakas.


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