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Ashvalayana Grahyasutram
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Ashvalayana Grahyasutram
An Ancient Treatise, Text with Sanskrit Commentary of Narayana Bhatta, English Translation, Introduction and Index, IIIrd Edn.  
Author Dr. N. N. Sharma
ISBN 978-81-7854-181-5
Edition 2010
Language Sanskrit, English

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This book of Ashvalayana, the pupil of Shaunaka, pertains to the Vedic Sanskaras that are obligatory for man's purification. The elaborate ritual and the manner it is performed indicate the extent to which the life of a Vedic Aryan was involved in ceremonial acts.
The book is arranged into four chapters:
Ch. I consists of 24 sections. It enjoins rites obligatory for the householder, the period and tenure of rites such as Initiation, Tonsure, Marriage etc. It elaborates on the establishment of domestic fire, on the offering of oblations on the new and full moon days, on the ritual of animals and Caitya sacrifices. It dwells upon securing the conception of a male child or preventing disturbances likely to endanger the embryo. It deals with the ceremonies of parting the hair, the birth of a child, his nomenclature, his fisrt partaking of the solid food or the Tonsure of his head.
Ch. II is arranged into 10 sections and is primarily concerned with the rites of the full moon day in the months of Shravana, Ashvayuj, MargasTrsa and the Astaka rites on the eighth days of the four dark fortnights of Hemanta and Sisira seasons. It describes the anvastakya ceremony following the astakas, the ceremony of mounting'a chariot or building a house.
Ch. Ill is divided into 12 sections. It deals with miscellaneous topics, such as the fire sacrifices, the recitation of Vedic texts, satiating the deities and sages, the rite by which the annual course of study opens and the ceremony of attaining to one's desires.
Ch. IV contains 9 sections and deals with the funeral rites of the deceased person.


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