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Author S. Ranganatha
ISBN 978-81-7854-194-5
Edition 2011
Language english,sanskrit

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Hardbound Rs. 450.00
Rs. 360.00
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The present work "Shastralokah" consits of research articles presented by me in national and international seminars during the last decade. The present volume contains two sections namely part "A" and part "B". Part "A" consists of eight articles written in english and part "B" consists of twelve articles written in Sanskrit. The theme of these articles have a wide ranging canvas. Sankaradvaita, Kathopanishad, Shaivim, philosophy of Ramakrishna. Modern Sanskrit Poetics, Sanskrit translations of Kannada works and so on, are the topics dealt with in English articles.
The Sanskrit articles highlight the scope of Mimamsa in modern times, poetry of Rigveda, role of travelogues in Modern Sanskrit Literature, nationalism as reflected in Sanskrit literature, contribution of Jaggu Vakulabhushana-most prolific writer of Karnataka in recent times, art of warfare in ancient India, India as reflected in Kalidasa's works, Rudiments of Advaita in Naishadhiya Charita, ancient indian sciences, contribution of Peri Suryanarayana Sastry to grammar and so on.
Thus, this volume caters to the needs of Sanskrit scholars with traditional background as well as Sanskrit scholars who are exposed to the English language with modern milieu with social ethos. As the volume refers to varied subjects and varied field* of study, it should be of interest to traditional scholars as well as modern reserchers who are actively engaged in research pertaining to vedic, classical as well as Modern Sanskrit literature including the field of translation.


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