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Sanskrit Literature in Andhra Pradesh (Post Indepandence Era)
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Sanskrit Literature in Andhra Pradesh (Post Indepandence Era)
Author Ed. C. Upender Rao Dr. D. Ramakrishna
ISBN 978-81-7854-209-6
Edition 2011
Language english,sanskrit

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Since very ancient period Andhra Pradesh has been the place for Sanskrit learning. During the post independence period also "Andhra Pradesh" has shown its enormous poetentiality in contributing the development of Sanskrit literature.Scholars of Andhra have started their contribution from S�utra period. This book is divided in two sections. The first section includes the district wise contribution of AndhraPradesh and the second section covers the contribution of some individual scholars of Andhra Pradesh. In fact bot sections deal with the contribution of Sanskrit scholars of Andhra Pradesh to Post Independence Sanskrit Literature. Readers can discover that the authors of the article have explained their profound ideas on Telegu-contribution to Sanskrit literature during the post independence period. 15 district have been covered in first section it explains the contribution of each district of Andhra Pradesh during the post independence era. In Second section the extraordinary contribution of some post Indendence Sanskrit scholars of Andhra Pradesh and still many are existing. But this section deals with very limited scholars, following the availability of papers for this publication. The versatility of scholars can be experienced in their papers. Sanskrit, English and Hindi were adopted by the scholar of Andhra in the Post Independence era.


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