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Role of Heretical Teachers in Making of the Buddha and his Teaching
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Role of Heretical Teachers in Making of the Buddha and his Teaching
(As in Pali Nikayas and Chinese Agamas) 
Author Parmita Shekhar
ISBN 978-81-7854-230-0
Edition 2012
Language English

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The Buddha rose above the extreme positions of Brahmanism and Shramanism and propounded his middle way. Law of karma and transmigration without permanent soul to migrate. He gave thus a new turn to the ethical and philosophical thinking of the time. Brahmanism upheld the efficacy of karma and transmigration and permanent soul that transmigrates with resultants of karma. On the other hand some heretical teachers of Shramanism denied the efficacy of karma and believed in determinism. Another was materialist who denied after birth. Yet another laid excessive emphasis on rigorous penances and moral laws and presented a synthesized view of soul as both permanent and transient. This study has gone a long way to analyze the text of heretical views and assess their role in making of the Buddha and his teachings and also show whatever differences there are in the text of Pali and of Chinese, are due to oral transmission of early scriptures, Inadvertently some portion of one's teachings went in name of other holding similar views.


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