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Medieval Culture of Datia State
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Medieval Culture of Datia State
(1626-1804 A.D.) 
Author Dr. T.R. Pesevani, Prof. Prithvi Raj Pandey
ISBN 978-81-7854-236-2
Edition 2013
Language English

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Present book delves deep in to the medieval culture of DATIA state. A remarkable fact of that era was a society founded on time honoured values of peace, love, brotherhood and communal har-mony. These were the hallmarks of that society. Although that culture was bereft of all the glamour and gifts of present day civilization. This study is a humble effort to discover the nature of that culture in the context of the national culture and in the process assess the extent of its contribution in the formation of the latter.  
This book draws upon a variety of Muslim and Bundeli sources catalogued in a separate section. Many of such sources are unpub-lished manuscripts. As far as historical research is concerned entire Datia state has been neglected and ignored whatever little research has been done is confined to highlighting political aspects of the region. Cultural aspect has been completely ignored, ‘Datia State Library’ is a virtual treasure trove of manuscripts throwing sufficient light on political and cultural life of MEDIEVAL DATIA STATE”. This book is the result of painstaking study of such obscure but very precious resources by the author. 

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