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The Matsyamahapuranam
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The Matsyamahapuranam
Text with English Translation and Index  
Author Ed. Pushpendra Kumar
ISBN 978-81-7854-159-4
Edition 2009
Language Sanskrit, English

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The Matsyamahapurana is one of the oldest and considered as the original Purana Here are four Puranas viz Matsya Purana, Visnu Purana, Vayu Purana and Brahmanda Puranas, these are historicaly important and are a valuable for social history of the country. The Matsya Purana was composed according to Modern scholars in the early centuries of cristion It comprises 14000 verses and divided into 291 chapters. It tells us the story of Matsyavatara and Manu. The Manu with the help of this Matsya saved the seeds of all the vegitables and food crops, all the Vedas and the schciptures alongwith saptarshis from Pralaya period. He started creating new creations of human beings. The person who started cultivation in India. In this way this Purana gives us the full story of creation of the world including mountains, rivers, human beings, creatures and what not the Matsya Purana contains (Teaches) Rajadharman (Politics) in many chapters. It is very inportant and discusses the role of a king in the preservation of the country, people, property etc. The King should be told enough to control and crush the enemies of the country and of the society. He should protect and nourish the good people and Dharma and the land of the country. In those days the king was the all inall in Administration. The enemies of the king also tried to harm him so that he may became the rulers. It gives a very good description of the administration and defence of the country internally and externally. After this there is a mention of civil and defence officially personally who helped the king in the civil, administrative, legal and for the defence of the country. We find the rules and qualification of good officials, their rights, duties and privivileges also. It was a team work in harmony to run the govt. We have a mention of Prince ministers, cabinet ministers, commonders Purohitas e.g. (1) Personally, Ambassodors and defence forces very good detail is found in this Purdna and it helps us to know, the good administration of that period.


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