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Kalpa Chintamanih of Damodara Bhatta
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Kalpa Chintamanih of Damodara Bhatta
An Ancient Treatise on Tantra, Yantra and Mantra Sanskrit Text in Devanagari and Roman Scripts, English Translation, 72 Yantric Diagrams, Introduction and�Index II Revised�Edition,� 
Author Dr. N. N. Sharma
ISBN 81-7854-078-9
Edition 2005
Language english,sanskrit

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The present book, edited from a rare manuscript, pertains to ancient tantric rites which usually come under the head of shatkarman (sixfold activities) such as (1) Subjugation of persons, (2) Attraction, (3) Immobili-zation of enemy, (5) Eradication of enemy from home, (6) Pacification of an evil, or release from captivity. To these is added one more dissension (vidvesana) creating division among the ranks t the enemy.
The book describes the procedure of these activities. Various alternatives are offered and the aspirant can select any Yantras and mantra are quick in effect. The text and translation are self-explanatory. The aspirant need not approach an adept for guidance.
To understand technique, the editor has appended a glossarial Index. He has prefixed an introduction for general guidance. Beside an appendix of 72 Cakras (practical devices) followed by details, the book contains the akadama cakra which foretells whether the experiment undertaken will come out successful.


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